Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.

Kendall Wayfinding Project

Steve Heneveld
DM-2D Animation 2006
Storyboard artist - Dreamworks Animation Television Studio
•Industry Report

David VanTuyle
DM-2D Animation 2012
Animator, Nickelodeon Animation Studios

James Suhr
Illustration 1999
Graduate School: UCLA, Animation 2007
Storyboard artist, Disney Animation Studios
•Industry Report

Darren Gears
DM-Digital Imaging 2010
Concept Artist, Freelance
•Industry Report

Comfort Love & Adam Withers
Digital Imaging 2004
Principals, Creators: 'The Uniques', 'Unique Tales' and 'Rainbow In The Dark' comic series.
•Industry Report

Brittany Zeller
Digital Imaging 2006
Retail Products Illustrator-Freelance Illustrator
•Industry Report

Becky Boensch
DM-Digital Imaging 2005
Graduate School-SVA
3D CGI Artist at VML

Ryan Aeschliman
DM-3D Animation 2012
3D CGI artist-Freelance

Angela Tidball
DM-3D Animation 2011
Motion Graphics Animator
StoryTelling Pictures

Bill Bergen
DM-Video & Motion Graphics 2003
Videographer, Vimeo
•Industry Report

Hilary Kempkers
DM-Interactive Design 2007
Interactive Designer, Sanborn Media Factory

Diana Frurip
DM-Interactive Design 2009
Visual Designer, RGA

Nick McVey
DM-3D Animation 2013
Primary Interface Designer,Idol Minds

Ryan Petrick
DM-Interactive Design 2007
Principal, Creative Stoodio

Alyn Tran
DM-Imaging 2012
Designer, Williams Group

Click here to view demo reel.

2013 Digital Media Demo Reel [7 minute] [2 minute]

Games, Animation, video, film, television, tablets, phones, and the web...the question is "what's not digital now"? In our Digital Media Program, you an focus in:
• Digital Imaging: Includes concept and production art for games, animation, and film.
• 2D Animation: Create cartoons for games, animation, and film.
• Video and Motion Graphics: Animated Graphic Design.
• 3D Design: Character animation and 3D motion graphics.
• Interactive Design: Design for the web, mobile media, and games.


Pizza Jockeys

Matt Geerling
2d Animation

Colin Chan

Super Mario

Colin Chan
Digital Character Painting

Emily Schneider

Brain Slug

Emily Schnider
Motion Graphics-2D


Tyler Wayne
Interactive Design-Website

Bryan Smith

The Fly

Brian Smith
Motion Graphics-Advertising

Angie Hauch and Angie Tidball


Angie Hauch and Angie Tidball
3D Animation

E.P.I.C. stands for: Engaging Production Informing Classrooms and Community.
These are public service and education oriented works by Kendall Students who believe making the world better through media is a pretty good idea.
Currently in development. Check back soon!


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